Managed Services

Managed Services are companies that organize service or repairs for you but generally do not own a shop or service vehicles, and do not do the repair themselves. Usually when you hire a Managed Service to work on your truck they will sub-contract to a mechanic close to you.

Like any purchase, using a Managed Service to repair your truck has both benefits and drawbacks.

Benefits of Managed Services

  • Ease of mind: the Managed Service provider handles finding a reliable service provider for you.
  • You know who to call: Many managed service providers are large, so you can call one phone number wherever you are.
  • Simple Billing: You get one bill from the Managed Service provider so it’s easier to reconcile your accounting.

Drawbacks of Managed Services

  • Indirect Communication: When dealing with a Managed Service provider you don’t deal with directly with the person who will fix your truck. Adding an extra layer of communication may add confusion to your repair.
  • Cost: Managed Service providers generally charge the price they pay for the repair plus an additional fee.

Managed Services on 4RoadService

It is important that you can make your own choice about using Managed Services for your repairs, so they appear on with the words “Managed Service” where the address would be, and a toolbox icon where the building or truck icon appears for the provider’s location. Here’s how it looks:

Managed Service

This is what mobile providers and providers with shops look like:

Provider that only provides Mobile Repair
Provider with a location you can visit: