Improved Search, plus Easier Payments

Today brings two more improvements to! First, we’ve improved our search box — it now understands city & state, (or province), combinations without a comma between the two, (and as before it still understands with the comma).

Second, we have a new payment provider. In addition to PayPal we now have a wide variety of options available. If you’re not comfortable entering your credit card number online you can now send it to us by phone or fax.

Faster & Better Search, plus More Member Tools

We’ve just made some major updates to our search system! First, we’ve made our search system much faster and more accurate and if you’re a Premium Member you can now search for providers near a specific geographic location, (just put your latitude & longitude into the search box as you would with a city name or ZIP code), and you can choose to restrict your search to your Preferred Providers.

If you’re not a Premium Member yet now is a great time to log in and upgrade. If you’re not a member at all check out our Membership Packages including our Free Membership.

More Member Features

Today we have added some exciting new features for our members!

If you are a Free Member you now have the convenience of a list of recent searches so you can return to your search results with just a few clicks. If you are a Premium Member you have recent searches like the Free Members plus you can keep notes on providers and choose your own Preferred Providers. And, with searching within your Preferred Providers coming soon now is the time to start establishing your portfolio of Preferred Providers.

With these new features, and more on the way, now is the time to get started as a 4 Road Service Member. Find out more or sign up now!

New Site Design has been completely re-designed with you in mind. For our visitors searching for help we’ve made it easier to search for providers and created new tools for you to use. For our providers we’ve made it much easier to maintain your listings and we’ve made it possible to have multiple listings with only one account.

Our visitors searching the website we’ve completely changed the search system. There’s now a search form at the top of every page where you choose what you want, where you want it, and give a search distance. When you’re telling us where you want us to look you can start to type a city name and our system will suggest cities with similar spellings to search near or you can type a ZIP or Postal code and we’ll search near that!

We’ve also improved printing. If you want to print a listing you no longer have to load a special print page. Just print out a listing and it’ll come out nicely formatted for you. Each printed listing even includes a handy fax form so it’s easy to send payment information to your chosen providers.

For providers our completely updated provider center makes managing your listings easy! You can now have more than one listing in your account. This is handy if you do business in more than one service category or if you have multiple locations.

We really want to hear what you think about the new design, so please let us know using our new contact page.