Featuring Listing Banners in More Places

Last week we started showing Listing Banners in more place on 4RoadService.com. Banners have been shown with listings in search results for a long time, but we are now showing relevant banners at the top of search results in some cases, and on Bronze listing pages.

This should give some more visibility to our service providers who have opted for the Listing Banner upgrade for their listings. The price of the Listing Banner upgrade has not changed.

A screenshot showing search results near San Antonio, Texas with listing banners above the search results.
Listing Banners are now in the Search Results and across the top of the site on some pages.

Search Banners are now Listing Banners

If you’re confused about what “Listing Banners” are, we have simply renamed the “Search Banner” upgrade, because the banners are no longer restricted to search results.