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iPhone App, Mobile Site, and Updated Homepage

With a new mobile website, an iPhone App, and an updated, easier to use, homepage you won’t be stuck for long with winter.

The Preview Edition of the 4RoadService iPhone App has been available for a while now in the App Store, but we are looking for even more feedback. If you’ve got an iPhone try it out, then tell us what would make you use it every time you break down.

We recently launched our mobile website at It uses the latest HTML5 technology to bring the power of to your phone or tablet. Even better, phones where the technology is available it can use the phone’s GPS and search for service providers who are close to your actual location. You no longer have to guess what city you are in. Just choose what you need, how far away you want it, and tap the “My Location” button. If your phone doesn’t have a GPS, or doesn’t support accessing it from a web page, you can use by selecting your city & state just like on, but with a design optimized for use on a phone.

Our updated home page has been designed to make searching faster and easier. We noticed that many people were clicking the “Find Road Service” tab at the top of the site to go to the search page, so we brought a bigger, faster, search page to the homepage of the site, (of course, you can still use search page if you want). Since we put the made the update live last week the new search form has been a hit – it’s now the most clicked-on item on our home page.

As always, please let us know what we can do to make it even easier to get service on the road. We know what it’s like to be broken down in the winter and want to help.

Find a Scale on

It’s not very often we launch a whole new service category here on, but today that’s just what we did. We are pleased to announce that you can now search for scales on To search for scales, simply choose “Scales” in the “What?” field of the search form.

We are launching the Scales service category with over 1200 CAT Scale locations, and will continue adding scales as we find them. If you have a scale that you want listed go to to get listed or to list a network of scales go to to get in touch with us.

Access 4RoadService from your desktop with the Roadcall Solution

We at are pleased to announce that now you can use the power of our breakdown directory of over 25,000 providers without opening your web browser. ┬áRicher Systems Group’s Roadcall Solution has integrated with our directory to allow Roadcall users to find breakdown assistance with the click of their mouse button. We are very pleased with the increased exposure and value that this integration gives our providers, and believe the Roadcall Solution, with the 4RoadService integration, is a valuable tool for fleet managers, dispatchers, rental and leasing companies and so much more.

We encourage you to take a look at the Roadcall Solution and see how it might help to improve your breakdown workflow.

New Free Listing Features

We just rolled out some new listing features, that are free for all providers.

You can now specify that you offer 24 hour service and display a list of payment options, and, (by popular request), a new Mobile option.

Now with the new Mobile option, providers that offer Mobile services will not be required to advertise a brick and mortar location. Mobile service providers are now able to offer mobile service in their area with listings showing the city and state they operate in.

If you’re a provider, log in and update your listing. We’ll be adding more features that you don’t want to miss out on, but these features rely on this information.

For those of you who are tech-saavy, there is also now an RSS feed of these announcements at

Say Hello to Featured Providers

We just started featuring our premium providers on the right side home page. We will randomly select a different premium provider every day. Get to know our premium service providers so they can provide you with premium service when you need it!

For our premium providers, (Silver, Gold, and Sponsor), make sure that you have a company logo uploaded in order to be featured.

Improved Search, plus Easier Payments

Today brings two more improvements to! First, we’ve improved our search box — it now understands city & state, (or province), combinations without a comma between the two, (and as before it still understands with the comma).

Second, we have a new payment provider. In addition to PayPal we now have a wide variety of options available. If you’re not comfortable entering your credit card number online you can now send it to us by phone or fax.

Faster & Better Search, plus More Member Tools

We’ve just made some major updates to our search system! First, we’ve made our search system much faster and more accurate and if you’re a Premium Member you can now search for providers near a specific geographic location, (just put your latitude & longitude into the search box as you would with a city name or ZIP code), and you can choose to restrict your search to your Preferred Providers.

If you’re not a Premium Member yet now is a great time to log in and upgrade. If you’re not a member at all check out our Membership Packages including our Free Membership.

More Member Features

Today we have added some exciting new features for our members!

If you are a Free Member you now have the convenience of a list of recent searches so you can return to your search results with just a few clicks. If you are a Premium Member you have recent searches like the Free Members plus you can keep notes on providers and choose your own Preferred Providers. And, with searching within your Preferred Providers coming soon now is the time to start establishing your portfolio of Preferred Providers.

With these new features, and more on the way, now is the time to get started as a 4 Road Service Member. Find out more or sign up now!